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 Buckwheat is a brown tail lemur who came to Critter Haven with his former girlfriend Darla over two decades ago. Gary was at an exotic animal expo and noticed two Lemurs being kept in horrid conditions that were too small for their size.


He couldn't stand to see them like that so he contemplated notifying the authorities with the chance of the owner fleeing or the authorities capturing the lemurs, only to euthanize them later. 

Lemur, Exotic Animal Sanctuary, Vero Beach

Gary decided to just buy them from the owner and take them to Critter Haven rather than risking a bad outcome.


Darla, who was older, has since passed after living a long life but Buckwheat is over 23 years old and Lemurs can live on average 25 years and sometimes up to 30.


 With donations from people like you, we can continue providing a permanent home for animals like Buckwheat.  

We Need Your Help

Critter Haven has been primarily funded by its founder Gary Brady since it began over twenty years ago. With additional funding from generous donors, we have been able to sustain the substantial cost that comes with caring for these amazing animals.

Despite these contributions, we are still in need of all the help we can get. With the licensing, food purchases, medical equipment, and medication, the costs add up quickly.


Every dollar you donate will help keep the animals at Critter Haven fed, healthy and happy for years to come.   

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