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Here's How You Can Help

Critter Haven of Vero Beach Inc. is the last chance sanctuary for abandoned and abused exotic pets and animals.  We are not a zoo. It is our mission to provide these animals with a comfortable and natural environment for their remaining years.

Care for these animals is expensive.  Most, if not all, have special diets.  They are all under constant medical care.  We have trained veterinarians who are constantly taking blood, testing the fecal matter, and otherwise providing care to extend the lives of these precious creatures.​

Our survival depends upon the generosity of our donors and supporters.  For almost two decades the sanctuary was funded by our founder, Gary Brady.  We now rely upon outside funding to continue Gary's dream.  We thank you in advance for your generous support.  Critter Haven of Vero Beach Inc. is a designated 501(c)(3) organization and donations are tax-deductible.  You should consult your tax advisor.

Donations are processed securely through PayPal.  All donors will be recognized on our donor page.  Please indicate if you wish to remain anonymous.

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Critter Haven Members

Become a member of Critter Haven Vero Beach to show your support. The greatest benefit of becoming a member is the satisfaction of helping provide these wonderful creatures a safe and healthy environment for the remainder of their lives. In addition to the satisfaction, you will receive a bumper sticker to show others just how much you care for Critter Haven. You will also be entitled to receive a tour of the facility once renovations are complete.  

Each new membership helps ensure a brighter future for the exotic and fascinating critters we are lucky enough to care for. At present, Critter Haven is recovering from a devastating fire that completely destroyed the first building at the Sanctuary, Gary's Home. We are working tirelessly on new construction, including housing for a new member of the Critter Haven family soon to be announced. When all work is complete we hope to be open to tours for our members.

Click the button below and you will be directed to PayPal where your payment will be securely processed.  Thank you in advance for your support.

Volunteer Opportunities

Are you interested in donating more than just money? If you would like to donate your time and be a volunteer we are always looking for help. Please fill out the contact information on the page linked below and be sure to mention why you would like to help care for our critters.

Thank You to

Our Supporters!

'Noah' Donations - $5,000 and up

Harry Webster Walker II

Charitable Trust

VCA Florida Veterinary League

'Zookeeper' Donations - $2,500 to $4,999

Your name can be seen here!

'Caretaker' Donations - $500 to $2,499

Tracie J. Anderson

Ruth Camp Campbell Charitable Trust

Outback Steakhouse Vero Beach


Von T. Ruddle

Virginia F. Buker

Dewitt and Mary Coxs

Judith and Robert Peters

Charles and Henrietta Sullivan

Vincent Celano

C. L. Hueman

Rotary Club of Vero Beach Sunrise

Archie S. Wingfield Jr. Charitable Trust

Members - $100 to $499

Agua Vida Design Services


Delores L. Emrick

Gina Joyce

Morgan Stanley Vero Beach


Nelson and Gretchen Cove

C.L. Hueman

Jerry and Sandra Kuchte

Ocean Grill

Velde Ford


Elliott Merrill Community Mangement

Indian River Podiatry

Richard and Gail Matios

Minis Strickley

Visitor Donations - up to $100


Your name can be seen here!

Sponsors and Friends

These organizations and individuals support us

 with discounted and donated goods and services.

Cindi's Pet & Aquarium Center


Brian Jenkins Trucking


Randy Sexton Jr.

Velde Ford

The Final Touch (Cabinets)


Minuteman Press

Steil Oil Co.


Vero Beach Veterinary Hospital

We Need Your Help

Critter Haven has been primarily funded by its founder Gary Brady since it began over twenty years ago. With additional funding from generous donors, we have been able to sustain the substantial cost that comes with caring for these amazing animals.

Despite these contributions, we are still in need of all the help we can get. With the licensing, food purchases, medical equipment, and medication, the costs add up quickly.


Every dollar you donate will help keep the animals at Critter Haven fed, healthy and happy for years to come.   

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