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We receive a lot of questions about what to do when someone finds an injured or orphaned wild animal. Whether it's a bird or something bigger, there are specific steps you should take for your safety and that of the animal.


It is common to see wild baby animals during spring as new offspring are born, a lot of these animals can become lost from their families and it is important to know whether to leave it alone or to care for them. If you are certain the animal is injured or orphaned and likely won't survive alone, then you should intervene.

We at Critter Haven would love to care for every animal but unfortunately, we just don't have the resources to take in every creature brought to us. Thankfully there are multiple sources you can utilize to find out just what to do with the animals you find injured or orphaned in the wild.

If the animal is showing any of the following signs please contact the applicable organizations to determine what to do next:

  • If the animal was brought to you by a house pet that is visibly trying to assist it.

  • If the animal has what appears to be a broken appendage or is bleeding in any way.

  • Birds found with broken wings, unable to fly or missing significant portions of its feathers.

  • The animal is visibly shaking or shivering which is a sign of distress.

  • Orphaned animals are often found close to their deceased parent confirming they are in need of help.


We Need Your Help

Critter Haven has been primarily funded by its founder Gary Brady since it began over twenty years ago. With additional funding from generous donors, we have been able to sustain the substantial cost that comes with caring for these amazing animals.

Despite these contributions, we are still in need of all the help we can get. With the licensing, food purchases, medical equipment, and medication, the costs add up quickly.


Every dollar you donate will help keep the animals at Critter Haven fed, healthy and happy for years to come.   

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