That was over ten years ago.

Gary Brady

Founder & Director


At a break during this seminar, Gary explained to me that he had recently lost his wife, and if I would be willing to help him clean up his grounds and give him a hand with his animals.  With some hesitation, I agreed...

Our People

Tim Fitzsimons

Reptile Keeper

Critter Haven of Vero Beach Inc.

Gary Brady is the Founder of Critter Haven of Vero Beach LLC.  What started as a pet purchased for his late wife has turned into a truly unique animal sanctuary for abandoned and abused exotic animals.  Gary has made great sacrifices in both time and resources to create this special place.

I will always remain loyal and devout to Critter Haven, Gary, and our animals, no matter what life throws at us.

During my tenure with Critter Haven, Gary and I developed a friendship unlike no other.  I am very proud of what he and I have accomplished.  I am also very indebted to all our volunteers, both past and present, along with all others, whose hard work and guidance helped make this possible.  "You did it for them, not us."

I met Gary at a hurricane disaster training seminar, at a local animal shelter, where I was working at the time as an animal care tech.  At this time I was responsible for maintaining the cleanliness of the kennels, administering inocculations, fecal exams, distributing medications, and at times euthanasia.

Working with exotic animals has been a challenge for me, at times even dangerous.  It's a continual learning experience.  However, I still use the knowledge I acquired from my days with the animal shelter.  I continue to do fecal exams, heart worm tests, etc., and have since developed a preventative program for the health and welfare of our animals.  

David Hahn

Asst. Director

Joey Bornman

General Manager

Since then, we cleaned things up and became a licenses exotic animal sanctuary.  A new beginning, for us and our occupants.  We now work with some of the best veterinarians in the state of Florida, Fish and Wildlife, and we have been contacted by universities.

Baylee Bornman

​Aviary Keeper

Bryan Walzak

​Assitant Manager